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Innovation & New Beginnings

Throughout the history of Architecture there have been many ideas that formed the basis of modern design today. The basic fundamentals of combined engineering and architectural innovation have really paved the way. Although not a registered Architect, as such, one such genius was Leonardo da Vinci. Although his works were in the late 1400’s – early 1500’s, his inspiration still remains.

As an example, a bridge for one of our personal projects was designed and built based on his sketches and principals of a “self-supporting bridge” (with some more modern techniques added). Unlike others, Paul Meschiati and Associates use their own funded projects to test new design theories, combine new materials and building innovations before incorporating them into client projects.

Another prime example of such progression is a residential project prototype being developed by the company director. The project consisted of taking a blank canvas on a 24 acre, unused agricultural site and creating a 1.9 acre lake, 450m2 island and, of course, a bridge to access the island. The bridge spans 24M and is made from just 2 different sized main components and easily constructed by hand. This new development site is works in progress, and the origin of the new generation single skin building prototype which we hope to market as a DIY building package later this year. Stay tuned to updates as this progresses.

Additionally, an innovative project, using core-filled, light weight polystyrene blocks, was constructed in the states far north, enabling an economical, efficient and fast build.